In The Loop


Good music stores, like bookstores, are hard to find in the age of iTunes and digital downloads. Even the big-box stores that once carried a decent music selection are now limited to top-of-the-charts and flavor-of-the-day pop. And if I’m paying money for music, I want something I can hold in hand, not just electronic files on a computer that might crash or otherwise be lost forever.

For those in the Tremont area, The Loop serves that purpose well. As an additional treat, it also serves as a coffee shop and art shop.


Searching for vinyl becomes a treasure hunt in The Loop. The shop offers a large selection of new releases, gently used old stuff, and the $1 bins. On my last trip I found some Quincy Jones for a dollar.

The store’s mix, focused mainly on the rocksy/jazzy/folksy/hip-hoppy set, is somewhat unpredictable. Flipping through the records and CDs you may not find something you’re looking for but stumble across something you never thought of.

The Loop is very much a music savant’s store. Plenty of indie and lesser known artists line the walls and record bins.

And the art screams Cleveland. Work from local artists lines the store’s walls, many featuring Cleveland skylines or themes. All can be purchased at the store.

Like the neighborhood in which it’s located, The Loop is all about art, whether for the eyes or the ears.


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