Merry-Go-Round Broke Down

Roger Rabbit artfully demonstrating Cleveland Browns fandom.

Ever watch a movie, interested to see how it turns out until some shock twist at the end makes you question the entire point?  That’s the 2013 season for the Browns.

Halfway through the second decade of rebuilding we thought a new owner might get us where we need to be.  With a new coach, we thought he might be given a chance to put his mark on the team.  I don’t know if he even had time to unpack all the boxes in his office before moving through the revolving door of the Browns’ top job.

I really wanted him to work out for us.  The local(ish) boy getting his dream job.  Great story and great drama.  Looking past my interest in the heart-tugging story line, I don’t know which way his career would’ve gone.  He may not turn out to be a Belichick or Harbaugh.  But Belichick didn’t turn out to be Belichick until after his stint in Cleveland.

The irritation comes from the pointlessness this year turned out to be.  None of us expected miracles.  And two games of Weeden confirmed our problem under center.  After the brief ray of hope that was Brian Hoyer, we had no offense.  Gordon and Cameron looked good, but without a quarterback and an effective running game, we were going nowhere.

Dreams of 500 vanished, followed soon after with dreams of winning another game.  So we looked to what we could do under this group with another year and another draft.

Now we’re right where we were a year ago.

What concerns me most is how this reflects on the players.  Worrying reports came out in a Dec. 30 article where Browns players vented their thoughts.  With two shock moves between the Richardson trade (admittedly, we got the better of that so far) and Chud’s firing, how does ownership appear to the players?  The ownership deserves to be called out on it.

Right now the team looks all right.  Five Pro Bowlers and a strong defense. With a few more pieces we can compete.  But if ownership then goes and creates a divide between themselves and the players, that is all for naught.  Might as well tear it all down and start re-rebuilding, again.


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