Looking in the Mirror of the Past

It’s just about a week since the emotional drop caused by the one-game Wild Card loss.  All the excitement that built over the last three weeks of the season, and hit the peak after that last win against the Twins… snuffed out in nine innings.

After a week, it still hurts a little.  When I flip through and see baseball playoffs instead of Big Bang Theory reruns, my stomach drops.  Going by the Jake, seeing it empty and quiet after electricity not seen for years, I feel that hole in my heart.  Is it spring training yet?

Going into the game I told myself, no matter what happened, the season was a success.  We achieved what we needed, being a competitor again.  But after all that build up the sudden end left us unfulfilled.  A loss in the ALDS, in a five game series…at least we would have had more than one game.

Still, we can look back at this team and see how far we’ve come in just one year.  There is plenty to be proud of and to look forward to in the years to come.

I’ve been reading one of Terry Pluto’s books, a collection of his writing over the years.  The first section is all about the Tribe.  He talks about those mid-90s teams with the kind of disbelief that comes after years of disappointment.

Something he echoes in almost every article, that those teams were misfits in the post-season.  He says it piece after piece.  He couldn’t believe they made the playoffs.  He couldn’t believe they beat the teams they did.  Somehow they did.  They had the right pieces in the right places at the right times.

And they all believed in each other.  They had the chemistry right.

Sound familiar?

Pluto talked about the narrow, stressful wins.  He talked about the team struggling to get hits with runners on base.  As I read I started to wonder.

This current team has the chemistry.  They have the right manager in place.  They have the same frustration and excitement and unbelievability.  Could this year be the start of something special?  Again?


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