Ohio Historical Markers: German Central Organization

100_3322Parma (7863 York Road, north of Sprague Road)

100_3321 100_3324 100_3326 100_3325100_3323


2 thoughts on “Ohio Historical Markers: German Central Organization

  1. horrible experience in German Central Foundation
    since we got there to decorate we got screamed at and we felt very disrespected. The guy was very rude and impatient I was talking Spanish to my sister because she doesn’t know English and he came to us saying “blah,blah,blah what language are you guys speaking? I don’t talk that language. Also he was pulling a cart full of heavy chairs and ran over someone foot and didn’t say sorry. Also the manager was asking for my one of my married guest phone number and harassing the photographer by saying: “Hi how nice to see you again. The photographer says” what do you mean? this is my first time here, and then the guy said I can’t forget that body and your face. we recorded from the beginning of the party to the end and they said we served alcohol when we have proof that we didn’t just so that they would keep the deposit.

    • I’ve never eaten there or been to any events there. Just stopped by to get a picture of the Marker. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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