Advance and Retreat

In the shadow of uncertainty that faces the Plain Dealer’s future, there is this article from the New York Times.  The New Orleans Times-Picayune, a beloved institution as much as a newspaper, tried to cut back their production only to later realize their mistake.

And make note of who owns the Times-Picayune.  That’s right, none other than our friends at Advance Publications.

You’d think by failing once they might learn from their mistakes and take another look at their business plans.  But given the levels of short-sightedness/ineptitude/stupidity shown in the past, I’m not too hopeful. 

And I guess their absurd plans for a digital/hard copy mix subscription isn’t PD specific.  A perfect example that they just don’t get it.  If you need a damn flow-chart to explain a newspaper subscription plan, it’s too complex.  Or idiotic.

What Cleveland needs, as is the case in New Orleans, is a source of competition.  If Advance wants to make future cuts and produce a half-assed product, we need something to step in and fill the void.  That will either keep Advance honest or, my preferred choice, push them out of the market.

Any takers?


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