The Model Citizen

I don’t need to tell you it’s been a crazy week in Cleveland.  Now we find ourselves on front pages of reputable news sources from around the world, as well as CNN.

As for the investigation, what happened or might have gone wrong that this house was undiscovered/missed for years, I’ll withhold judgment until more facts come in.

Through all of it, Charles Ramsey has become the face of the story, and of Cleveland.  As well as an internet sensation.

Some believe his fame is for the wrong reasons, as posts from both The Atlantic Wire and NPR discuss.

When I saw his interviews, yeah, I laughed.  Because he was himself.  In a news world where spokespeople are polished up and roboticized, Ramsey didn’t give a damn how he came off or what the “right” answers were.  And that is refreshing.

There are people out in Webland that are guilty of using the opportunity to denigrate him rather than celebrate him.  Petty people on the Internet…shocking, right?  Well, they can laugh right on.  Cause know what?  I don’t think Mr. Ramsey gives a damn about that either.

A word of advice to those who use his images and words to mock him, remember he had the cojones to step up and rescue those women.  It doesn’t take any cojones to ridicule somebody behind a computer screen and avatar.

Charles Ramsey should be seen as the face of Cleveland.  More of us, Clevelanders or not, should emulate him.  A man who did what was right.  The least he deserves is our gratitude.


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