Breaking New Ground

I’ve always seen Hansa Import Haus as an under appreciated gem of Ohio City.  It sits there, just out of the focus lavished on the Market, West 25th and Great Lakes, a great reminder of what Cleveland was and is in the area once inhabited by many German immigrants.

Something charming about the chalet-style building, which doesn’t fit in at all with anything around it, always drew my curiosity.  Like a cottage from a Grimm fairy tale, it appeared both magic and mysterious.

For anybody of German descent or just interested in German food and culture, it is a playground, filled with bakery and food products straight from the Fatherland.  Even for adventurous foodies, the place holds treasures not likely to be seen in the supermarkets.

And this week, the place has gotten the public love it deserves with the groundbreaking of what will be an expanded store/restaurant/brewery.


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