A Cavalier Attitude on Coaching

The Cavs completed the hat-trick, and all three of our teams will have new coaches in 2013.

Listening to WBWC’s SportsPulse two weeks ago, the hosts did discuss why Scott might lose his job.  Of course they also pointed out that unless there is a viable option out there, firing him didn’t make sense.

So is there a viable option out there?

We can all get giddy and hold our breath over Phil Jackson’s name being thrown around, and turn purple while it never happens.  It seems more a pipedream of Cavs management.

Then there’s the Mike Brown discussion.  And I shake my head.

Nothing against Brown.  He had some good years here, and seems like a good enough guy.  Granted his year in L.A. didn’t go well.

What bugs me about that option is the feeling we’re returning to 2007.  As if the rebuilding over the last three years was pointless.  Those years were certainly frustrating, but given the “eggs in one basket” strategy that resulted in egg on the face, they were unavoidable.

Now it seems CavsDan would rather go back on everything.  His rant, his focus on offense over defense, his faith in Scott.

And Scott, given what he had to work with through lack of talent and surplus of injuries, did a damn good job.  The team got better and competed in games against good teams.  March’s game against Miami stings given the 27 point lead, but that team never should’ve been in a game that close against Miami.  Or New York.  Or San Antonio.

Given what we have right now, will any coach really be able to do better?

Guess we’ll see next year.


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