The Sausage King

100_3738Ever wonder what chicken Normandy or champagne and lobster would taste like in a tubed form?  Just looking for brats and andouille?  Either way, Gibbs Butcher Block is the place to check out.

The shop sits nestled along the Rocky River’s west branch, away from the center of Columbia Station.

Besides the various, and sometimes curious, selection of meats, Gibbs also sells beer, produce, snacks, and a wide choice of sauces and marinades.  Part specialty sausage shop, part country market.

0310131345Locals know it, and love it.  On a recent Sunday visit, I had trouble just moving around the store’s narrow aisles, as crowded as it was.

If the choices seem overwhelming, Gibbs does a weekly Sausage Sampling each Saturday.  From personal experience, I have not had a bad sausage.  That Sunday we decided with the cranberry apple chicken and the champagne lobster and both turned out to be excellent choices.


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