The Art of the Comeback


Who doesn’t love a good comeback story?

A year after missing a season to surgery, Peyton Manning became the NFL’s darling once again.  Many people, myself included, wanted to see him win the Super Bowl.  But the Ravens killed that dream, with Ray Lewis an accomplice at the scene.

While another famous Broncos comeback left scar-tissue in the minds of Browns fans, those same fans reveled in the Kardiac Kids not quite a decade earlier.  Comeback even became a rallying call for Cleveland… “The Comeback City”

A less glorified comeback took place over near Gordon Square.  That’s the story of 78th Street Studios.

100_3505A building that once housed another Cleveland icon, American Greetings, has been converted into a hub of artists and “buy local.”  The building is beautiful in its ugliness, pure industrial.  Pure Cleveland.

100_3504The building could have been torn down, destroyed.  But visionaries saw more, what it could be, and it now hosts artists’ studios and showrooms as well as events like Bazaar Bizarre.

100_350378th Street Studios isn’t much to look at, and it certainly isn’t flashy.  That’s Cleveland for you.  Gritty.  Artsy.  Making the best of the surroundings.


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