A Fix in Perspective

The beauty of written communication is the ability to edit, to look over one’s work as many times as needed to prevent mistakes and unchecked spewing of the mouth.  Not that writing is infallible.  Wrong words still find their way in.

I realized I’ve been using the wrong word, a slip of the tongue…er…keyboard.

Talking with Derek about the state of the city, I asked what we can do to help fix Cleveland.  Astute as ever, he pointed out, reminded me, that Cleveland doesn’t need fixed.  And I thought of all the times my tongue said “fix” when my head meant “make it even better.”

The problem with the word “fix” is the negative connotation.  Fixed means something is broken or not working.  Things need fixed.  Do cities?

Reflecting on my words, “fix” in a way cheapens what is happening in the city, the people working to solve the problems.  “Fix” sounds like their efforts don’t matter, and they do.  Very much so.  Their work and more work like that will keep the city moving forward.

We can admit there are problems that need solutions, because there are.  Some big.  But the city is working, and working to improve.  The city doesn’t need fixing.

Of course let’s not settle at having a city that simply works.  Let’s strive to make it one of the best in the nation.


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