Well dear readers, we are in the midst of another Cleveland sports venue name change.  FirstEnergy Stadium.

While I’m not too keen on corporate names (it’s still the Jake to me) I never thought Cleveland Browns Stadium was that great.  Too bland.  Although I did enjoy the confusion of having two NFL stadiums named for Paul Brown, albeit by technicality.

Now that I’m off point…in reading about the deal, I only just realized FirstEnergy is the largest energy company in the U.S.

So if the nation’s largest electric company is based in Northeast Ohio, why are we not capitalizing on this?

As much as I love the old-school, steel mill dotted, industrial look leftover from Cleveland’s past glories, those days are gone.  While we should remain a presence in those industries, with Cliffs and the remaining steel plants left operating, we need to look for other opportunities.

And here we have a chance to become a city of the future.  We are in the process of being re-branded as a medical center.  What if we strive to be an energy center as well?

Renewable energy will be a major industry soon enough.  With FirstEnergy right here, Cleveland and Northeast Ohio should do what they can to get a jump on the rest of the country and become one of the premier cities in the U.S. for renewable energy development.  We have the colleges to produce the brains to do it.  We have the perfect partner/customer in FirstEnergy.  We have a company that could provide the raw materials.

We have what we need.  We just need to make that push to revolutionize ourselves and our nation.


2 thoughts on “Re-Energized

    • At some point, these companies will need to see that alternative energy is the next big thing or else they’ll become obsolete. Sooner better than later. Nevertheless, I believe striving to become a leader in that field is a way to revitalize industry in the city, whether that involves FirstEnergy or somebody else.

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