Win, Lose, Draw Names From a Hat

So Chip Kelly has decided to stay at Oregon, which is bad news.

That is if you’re one of the sports journalists who made their living following him around this past weekend, or an owner of an Arizona dining establishment.

As for the Browns not getting him?  Meh.

I’m disappointed not so much at not getting Kelly, but more on the PR end.  Haslam took a risk and went after the “big-name” and it didn’t pan out.  Worse off, the focus on said “big-name” might have led to losing out on the second choice.

Luckily, with all that played out in the drama, Kelly himself looks worst.  For a second year, he flirted with NFL teams, got some free meals out of it, and then pulled the carpet from under them when Nike called.

Let’s face it, the coaching search is a crap shoot, especially looking for fresh talent.  For every Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll (who both had previous NFL experience), you’ve got a Butch Davis (cringe) or Steve Spurrier.  Even established talents don’t always play out.

But here we are, still wondering who is out there worth going after.  And in all of this one name has been overlooked.  That could change after tonight.  Was the whole Chip Kelly thing just a clever ruse to throw everybody off the real track?  After all, this other coach does have ties to the Browns…


2 thoughts on “Win, Lose, Draw Names From a Hat

  1. Chip Kelly can’t be trusted when he says he’s looking for an NFL job after this second bailout. He’s going to have a tough time finding a job in the pros now, if that’s what he really wants to do.

    • “Fool me once, shame on you…”

      To be fair, only the people in that room know how everything played out. He might have gone in hoping to make a deal and things just didn’t work. He might have gone in without wanting to leave Oregon.

      But to do this two years in a row…makes me think of the Brett Favre retirement sagas. When the rumors start again next year, I won’t expect anything different.

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