Babble and Screams

While listening to Of Monsters and Men the other night, the lyrics hit me in a new way:

“Don’t listen to a word I say, the screams all sound the same.”

With all the blogs and tweets and Facebook status updates and websites and online chatter out there, why should you care what I say?  Why should my views and experiences in Cleveland matter to you?

Not great for blog promotion.  But it’s honest at least.  So hang with me.

My posts, what I do and what I think about the issues facing our region, are useless if you don’t get out and have your own Cleveland experiences.  Insert your own “point of view” cliché here.

I hope my posts and ideas can start discussions.  Discussions (quickly followed by action) will help the region reach new heights.  But discussions need a range of viewpoints, without the arguing that media sources want us to believe is discussion.

Remember, the screams all sound the same.


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