In the Dawg House

After the excitement of an ugly win, Browns fans endured the pain of an ugly loss.  All that hope and optimism we had going into yesterday, now a punch in the gut.  Will we ever learn?

I won’t pretend I know that much about football.  I also won’t let that stop me from criticizing the Browns this season.

Right now, the team is laughably bad.  There are bright spots in Richardson, Dawson, and the defense.  But some of these mistakes are just embarrassing.  Going from 1st and 10 to 1st and 20 on two straight false starts?!  Not taking a shot at the end-zone on 3rd and 11, opting to run instead?!

It’s bush-league.

Steve Spurrier said Alabama could beat some of the worst NFL teams.   Beat the Browns?  Probably not.  Manage a game better?  Without a doubt.

It’s not that the Browns are losing games, it’s how they are losing.  Bad decisions, wasted timeouts, lack of discipline…these should not be acceptable at the rate we’re seeing them.

All of this was summed up in the shot of Haslam, hand waving in frustration, after the failed 3rd and 11.  He’s not happy with what he sees.  And unlike the rest of us, he has the power to do something about it.


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