Sundays in Orange and Brown

Out and about on fall Sundays, in the suburbs or Cleveland proper, just about everybody is in their Browns colors.  Even the trees are bathed in orange and brown.  The team really is something special here.  Even in another bleak (so far) season.

For home games, just being in the city is fun.  No ticket needed.  Before and after, there are the tailgates in lots across the city.  Masses of fans walk through the streets toward the stadium.  All give off their energy and make Downtown lively.

Sure, the stadium experience is something special, but doing the neighborhood thing can be more fun.  Moving around, from packed bar to packed bar, still in sight of the stadium…all with better food and cheaper beer.  When the game ends, you can head back to a lot for post-game or sit at the bar and watch the traffic go by.  All win-win situations.  And when Brownies win, it’s a win-win-win.


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