Through the Eyes of Another

I came across this while wandering through Tremont’s Visible Voice the other day. I’m a fan of Harvey Pekar and what he did for the city.  Not that he’d think he did all that much.  But in his own way he shared the life of blue-collar Cleveland, its grit and unglamorous under-appreciation, with the country.

He looked at the life in a realist tone, sharing how he saw it all without fluffing the raw edges.  This book shares his view of Cleveland in the same manner.

Harvey looks at the histories of the city and his own life and where they have taken each.  He recalls the joy experienced as he listened, in school, to the Indians win the 1948 World Series.  He discusses the neighborhoods in which he lived and how they’ve changed, for better or worse.  Throughout, the good and bad are balanced.

Not only is the book entertaining in letting us see Harvey’s take on these histories, it also poses questions of what happened to the glorious past and how we fix the problems.  Like many of us, he didn’t have THE answer.  But simple discussion can at least keep us searching for solutions.          


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