Tap the Keg

While I’m sad to see summer on its last legs, late August is good for one thing.  That’s right, dear readers.  It’s officially Oktoberfest season.

Unfortunately I missed the first event last week at Lenau Park.  But last night I visited the Heimatland Oktoberfest in Brunswick.  (Full disclosure: I am close with the family that runs the event.)

We loaded up on some German food.  All the typical, high carb and meat, good for drinking German dishes.  Schnitzel, wurst, potato salad, sauerkraut, and cabbage and noodles.  All very tasty.

Under the big tent, we ate and listened to traditional German music from Spaß.  The band had the dance floor going, full of people.  Some in dirndls and lederhosen, and others in shorts and sandals.

Then Derek and our buddy Brian convinced me to join the Masskrugstemmen competition.  For $20, I entered the competition and got a nice liter stein filled with Hofbrauhaus Oktoberfest.

We were ready to go for the win.  Then we saw this guy…the one in blue:

His name is Jerry Karn from Strongsville.  Not only is he incredibly German looking, he’s also the national champion at this.

So I set my goals a little more reasonable.  Don’t be the first one out, and don’t go out before the girl.  Beating Derek was a nice little extra perk.

Derek, myself, and Brian (l to r) rest our arms before Masskrugstemmen.

After, we got some pastry from Reinecker’s Bakery.  The German chocolate cake made for a healthy breakfast this morning.

The event will run through Sunday.  Then next week is the big one at the fairgrounds in Berea.  And my stein-holding arm will be healed by then to catch some Glockenspiel schwag.


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