The Simple Life

On the edge of Amish Country sits Kidron, a small town surrounded by miles of open land and rolling hills.  But a multitude of day-trippers flock to the town throughout the year to visit a popular stop, and one of the coolest stores I know.  Lehman’s.

Think of Lehman’s as the Bed Bath & Beyond for simple living.  The store, housed in a connection of old buildings, sells all sorts of gadgets that you’d never think you need.

Their products cover every aspect of life.  Pots, pans, and bakeware for the kitchen.  Soaps and lotions for personal hygiene.  If you’re a camper, Lehman’s probably has anything you need for your next adventure.  Best of all, “Made in the U.S.A.” is a common sight in the store.  Who needs Wal-Mart?

Many of the items offered are electric-free to accommodate the local Amish population.  This Amish influence is also seen in the rows of books on gardening and living off the gird.

And of course there are the old-fashioned pops waiting to be put together in a mix-and-match six pack.  All the old-timey favorites are there: root beer, cream soda, ginger ale, and, my pick, sarsaparilla.

Shopping at Lehman’s feels like shopping in 1900.  The simple life goods can come off as novelties at times.  But like Thoreau said, we can all stand to live simpler.
P.S. With room after room and so many items, a couple hours can easily be spent in Lehman’s.  For the best experience, be sure you have time to linger.


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