Life’s a Beach

Here we are in late July and, as much as I hate it, I just got to the lake for the first time.

The sun beat down on another sticky day, but the lake breeze made the afternoon comfortable.  We spent a few hours in the sun, laying around, reading, and thinking about life in general.  Then we packed up and I asked myself, as I always do, why I don’t get to the shore more often.

In March and April, when I know summer is coming soon, I think first of the beach.  Beach, summer…they go hand in hand.  I feel bad for people in the middle of the country, those that don’t have a lake or ocean shore so close to them.  Summer is not complete without a day at the beach.

About this time of year, the realization of summer’s impermanence grows.  Summer will be over all too soon.  But right now, lazy days under the summer sun are there to be had and enjoyed along the shore of Lake Erie.


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