Be the Change

The famous quote, attributed to Ghandi, tells us to be the change we wish to see in the world.

Interpret that how you will.  I understand it as change starts at the personal level, not with government or businesses.  Not even election marketing campaigns.  If we wish to change the world, we can start the change.

Working with kids who aren’t as well off as me reaffirmed my belief in service…to others and to the world at large.  There were incidents that came up, and some of the kids were difficult to deal with at times.  But underneath it, the month let me see the good in them.  And they were good kids overall.

I was blessed and honored to spend the time getting to know them as much as a month’s time allows.  Now they go off into the world, facing what they may in the coming years.  Soon enough they will be the next integral part of Cleveland and the world.  Maybe something they learned from ASP or a friendship they built at ASP will be a small part in their successes.

Cleveland can be built up again, and there are neighborhoods where this is already happening.  We can make sure this progress continues through our actions and our decisions.  We can be the change.

So here is my challenge, dear readers:  Look around your neighborhood and ask what you want to see changed.  Look for people or places that can use assistance of some kind.  Pick up trash in the local park.  Tutor kids or be a big brother/big sister.  Find something you can do to make Cleveland a better place.  String enough individual actions together and we can start a movement.

And then we can be the Cleveland we wish to see.


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