Now Where To?

For the past month I’ve had the privilege to work with the Saint Ignatius Arrupe Summer Program held at Urban Community School.  It was an opportunity to work with a diverse group of Cleveland youths from different schools and different walks of life.

High schoolers from some of the area’s prestigious schools-Ignatius, Magnificat, Laurel, and St. Joe’s-were matched with younger kids from a number of Cleveland schools.  For five weeks, the olders and youngers accompanied each other to classes and lunch and sports.  In doing so, bonds were formed all around.  Bonds that very likely wouldn’t have been created without the program.

The last days of class were bittersweet.  Campers and counselors alike teared up when saying their goodbyes.  After five weeks together, you grow together, and nothing can take that away.  Every person involved with the camp came out better because of it.  I know I did.

It’s weird, wondering if I’ll see some of the kids again.  If not, years down the line I’ll wonder what happened to each one; where they are, what they’re doing, and how they remember the summer of 2012.


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