Under the Azzuri Sky

My summer of festivals continued this weekend with the Italian-American Festival at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds.

But the Sunday seemed quiet to me.  Whether because of the heat, or it being the last day, or Italy playing getting slaughtered by Spain in the Euro Cup, the attendance was sparse.  I was also surprised that there weren’t more exhibits or activities about the culture.  That I saw at least.  Also bummed I missed the bocce tournament.

So what was there?  Food.  Lots of food.  And lots of good food.  Some of the local Italian places had trailers or tents set up.  Seeing the Corbo’s trailer made my day.  Cavatelli and cannoli.  All a test run for the Feast in just over a month.

Overall, the festival felt more intimate.  You could hear the old men speaking flawless Italian with each other, as if they knew each other for years.  They probably have. It was more neighborhood community party compared to the wildness of, say, Oktoberfest.

I most enjoyed the outdoor Mass.  And it was almost entirely in Italian.  I followed along pretty well, although I had to just sit back and soak in the atmosphere for the Homily.  Padre said it best… “Italian is a musical language.  For those of you who don’t speak Italian, just sit back and enjoy the music.”


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