When Bad Guys Win

Well Cleveland, it happened.  The Heat’s plotting and maneuvering paid off.

Like so many in our fair city, I’d have been happy as a clam if they never won a title.  But sometimes the bad guys win.  Such is life.  And yet the sun still came up, and it turned out a beautiful day on the North Coast.

I take solace that my alma mater can now claim an NBA champion in Norris Cole.  If that isn’t helping, remember the city of Miami owes its existence to Cleveland.  Look up Henry Flagler if you don’t believe me.

The assholes will still be assholes, with or without trophies.  Gaudy, tacky, plastic cities won’t become more real no matter what their teams do.  Why let them ruin our moods?  Why bother with them?  Let us turn our energies into continuing to make our city great.  Then we win in the end.

Believeland. Always.


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