The Bar Around the Corner

Everybody has their go-to spots.  Cornerstone is one of mine.  And it is stop #2 on the TiMC Cleveland Beer Tour.

CornerStone, right on the Berea Triangle, brews a number of seasonal drafts on top of their stand-bys of Grindstone Gold and Sandstone Lager.  They also brew their own root beer, which sells out quick.  If it’s there, get some while you can.

I like the mellow atmosphere of the brewpub.  The building and décor are simple: exposed brick, an open kitchen, and a few Prohibition-era pictures.  It just feels like a part of the neighborhood.

This time at my go-to spot I got my go-to dishes.  We started with the Brewer’s Pretzels appetizer.  A regular buttery, salted pretzel and a jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzel, accompanied by honey mustard and ranch dipping sauces.

Then, of course, the pulled pork sandwich.  And CornerStone has one of the better pulled pork sandwiches I’ve had around here.

For beers I went with a Pleasurable Demise American-style pale ale and the Erie Blü, both seasonal.

The Erie Blü surprised me.  I’m not big on fruit beers, but the berry flavors were refreshing and not too over the top.

The real joy of having go-to spots is sharing them with others.  So I encourage you, dear readers, check it out and let me know what you think.


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