Tribe Fans Step Up

Well I went to the Tribe game last night and I have to say, Indians fans have responded to the Perez comments in the best possible manner.  I’m wondering if the Firestarter knew exactly what he was doing, and exactly what this fan-base needed.

The game itself was fantastic.  McAllister pitched well, the bullpen got out of jams, the bats got it done when they needed, and Perez made the ninth a comfortable close.  Oh, we also won the series against the Tigers.  I hate the Tigers.

Topping it all was the atmosphere.  Being there, I felt that excitement and buzz we’ve been waiting to see this year.  It all came to a head in the eighth when Pestano got out of the bases loaded, no out jam.  The place was ready to explode after that, and right there I had a hunch the offense would get the job done.  So it was.

After the comments, this city could have responded in two ways.  Many of us chose to respond with support and belief in this team.

There will still be naysayers and complainers.  If they don’t want to come out to the ballpark, so be it.  I’ll take 22,000 fans with last night’s passion over an apathetic sell-out any day of the week.

Final game of the series starts in five minutes.  Here’s to brooms at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.


One thought on “Tribe Fans Step Up

  1. Announced attendance of 23,600 today. Outstanding for a Thursday afternoon game. And of course the Tribe sweeeeeeeep

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