Step Up to the Plate

The Miami Marlins felt Chris Perez’s heat on Saturday evening, then the fans did too.

Now the whole city deals with the backlash.

If you were hurt by his words, get over it…because he’s right.

Perez has 13 saves in 14 chances and one loss (not in a save situation).  His ERA is a little high only because of the three runs given up in that blown save on Opening Day.  He finished the Marlins game with a TEN PITCH ninth.  He’s got the stuff when he’s on, and this season he’s been on most games.

So why is he getting booed for putting two batters on?  He’s a closer, I think he’s used to pressure situations.  And then the boos on Opening Day.

Yes, it sucked giving up three runs in the ninth on the way to a marathon loss.  Yes, it sucked that Masterson didn’t get the win after a brilliant outing.  But to come out and boo your closer for a bad performance in the first game of a 162 game season is ludicrous.  Know who else blew saves in their openers?  Jose Valverde and Mariano Rivera.

Valverde was fortunate his offense bailed him out for the win.  Perez wasn’t; a runner on third, one out in the bottom of the ninth, and our offense couldn’t get him home.  They were as much to blame as Perez.

But Perez got into his swing, the bats started producing, and here we are.  A team that is in first place, playing well, playing competitively in most games, with dismal attendance.

So what are the excuses?  Dolan’s cheapness?  The weather?  Having our hearts broken before?

This team is relatively young and still coming into their prime.  Last year was the first step of that and made for a fun season.  This year, they can be a playoff contender.  There are no excuses.

So Cleveland…step up or shut up.


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