Cursed Out

Baseball settles into its full-swing yet again, as does the debate over the “Indians” name and Chief Wahoo.

In this week’s Scene, Peter Pattakos touches on the conflict with his story, “The Curse of Chief Wahoo.”

This idea of a curse caught my eye…my eyebrow raised and face scrunched in confusion eye.

Team curses, even those tongue-in-cheek, are a load of crap.  Another tired sports cliché used by media to create an interesting story and by sports fans to delude themselves into thinking there is something to blame besides the team.

Cubs fans, there is no Billy Goat curse.  There is the fact that your team has been useless for over a century.  Stop whining.

Same goes for the pre-2004 Red Sox.  No Bambino curse, just baseball that wasn’t good enough.

So here Pattakos suggests that the pains of lost championships, near misses, and heartbreaking departures could stem from an offensive logo.

Have we become so distraught and depressed that we have to discuss a bogus reason for our championship drought?  That may be sadder than our on-going QB carousel.


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