Apples to Oranges

Too often we try to compare Cleveland to New York, or wish that it was more like Chicago.

Not Cleveland

But it will never be New York or Chicago.  Cleveland will never be L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, New Orleans, Boston, or any other city.  And it shouldn’t be.  Cleveland is fine as Cleveland.

The “grass is greener” effect comes in, especially when the city is down, and we look envious at these cities.  Chicago especially.

Also not Cleveland

It doesn’t help that Chicago is, like us, a Fresh Coast city, and one that has recovered from an industrial past.  Thanks to that it becomes a “model city” of what the other Rust Belt cities can become.

Which is great.  I like Chicago.  There are a number of things we can learn from Chicago to make the city better.  Their wonderful rail system for one.  And we’ve already tried the government corruption.

But in taking inspiration from other cities we can’t try to exactly copy that city.  We need to see whether the idea can work here and then tweak it so that it works with what Cleveland already has.


Instead of trying to make Cleveland over into another city, that same effort will be better served building on what makes us unique.  If I want to live in New York, I’ll move to New York.  Not try to remake Cleveland into New York.


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