Fish Fryday #6: St. John Neumann

Due to somebody having a birthday on Good Friday, this week will be the last Lenten fish fry of the year for me.

And to wrap up this year’s season, I stopped by St. John Neumann Church in Strongsville for a take-out order.

The church was packed and busy, with volunteers darting all around.  While at other fish fries I watched people wait some fifteen or twenty minutes to get their take-out orders, the people at St. John Neumann were on the ball.  In about five minutes, my dinner came out, all ready to go.  So quick it surprised me.  I thought maybe there was another “John” waiting and I got his food by mistake.

My dinner had fried perch, coleslaw, a baked potato, and a roll.  I also ordered a side of pierogis.  Together, the bill came out to $13.50.

With my first bite I wasn’t too impressed with the perch.  But after another taste, it grew on me and then I really liked it.  The breading had lots of crunch with it and added a taste of macaroni almost…that pasta/bread taste.  It didn’t overpower the fish though, and both the taste of fish and breading played well together.

Their coleslaw was another hit.  The crisp chunks of cabbage were covered in just enough sauce but did not drown.  Together, the texture and taste of the cabbage came through highlighted with the vinegar of the sauce.

The pierogis were excellent.  They were fried, with a little crust on the outside.  The inside was packed with potato goodness.  And they swam in a pool of butter and onion.  Can’t beat that.

After all that, I wasn’t too worried about the potato and roll.  Not that they were bad.  But baked potatoes don’t differ too much from place to place.  And the roll was good for soaking up the juices.  That’s why rolls are there anyway.

St. John Neumann impressed me.  It gave good value for the cost, especially with the quality of the food.  A fine way to close out my fish fry season.


  1. Springvale Country Club
  2. St. John Neumann
  3. American Legion Clifton Post 421
  4. St. Adalbert
  5. Donnauschwaben
  6. American Legion Avon Lake Post 211

A final note on the rankings:  Of the six fish fries I visited, I highly recommend any of the top five no matter their rank.  The differences between them are very slim.


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