Fish Fryday #5: Springvale Country Club

Hard to believe but Lent is in its final weeks already.

On a whim, we decided to try the Springvale Country Club fish fry in North Olmsted…a whim that served us well.

This fish fry wasn’t what I expected at first.  Unlike the other fish fries, Springvale was pretty small as far as numbers go.  Instead of being held in a big banquet hall, this one was in the clubhouse of the golf course.  The atmosphere and more intimate setting made us feel we were in an actual restaurant.

The club offered fried fish dinners, which came with fries or mac and cheese, coleslaw, and a roll, or a healthy alternative baked fish dinner.

Springvale’s fried fish took over the top spot for best fish.  The coating had a good crusty crunch to it and added a little sweet, bready taste.  The fish itself held together well, and gave a mild taste.  Tartar sauce is served, but I found a little lemon to be all that was needed.

The coleslaw was the more cabbage-y version of the dish, with just enough sauce to flavor.  While not as flavorful as some of the others, it held its own.  Maybe I’m just getting bored with coleslaw.

My big excitement came in the mac and cheese.  Just knowing it was a choice made my day.  It was served in the shells and cheese style, with a heaping helping of it.  The shells were nice and chewy, but not too soft, and the sauce creamy and thick.  It could have used a little more flavor (a more distinct cheese taste I think) but I was happy with it.

Dinners were well priced at $10.95 for fried and $11.95 for baked.  Service is provided by local organizations, who receive all tips as funds for their cause.  Though our servers were a little disorganized at times, it never hurt the service.  Our dinners came quick and we were not left waiting for anything.

I was very happy with our choice.  A different setting with great food at a good price made Springvale my favorite fish fry.  It takes its spot at the top of the list.


  1. Springvale Country Club
  2. American Legion Clifton Post 421
  3. St. Adalbert
  4. Donnauschwaben
  5. American Legion Avon Lake Post 211

Only two Lent Fridays left.  Get out and enjoy the fish fries while you can.


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