Fish Fryday #3: American Legion Clifton Post 421

This week, my fish fry journey took me to American Legion Clifton Post 421 in Fairview Park.

Right off the bat the amount of choices impressed me.  Fish dinners can be ordered with tilapia or perch.  Shrimp dinners are also offered, along with a number of sides.

I decided on a perch dinner with pierogis, coleslaw, and a roll.

The perch had a mild flavor, not too fishy, and held together well.  Some fish fry fish tends to completely fall apart, but not this perch.  Breading added a good crunch.  Packets of tartar sauce were served with the fish, which tasted good with or without the sauce.

Caramelized slices of onions added sweetness to the pierogis.  This with the creaminess of butter and tang of sour cream mixed well.

The coleslaw was my favorite of the three fries so far.  Though the dish was on the creamier side, the taste and texture of cabbage was not lost.  The big surprise, though, was the initial kick of vinegar…enough to get your attention, but not overwhelming.

I finished the meal with the slightly sweet roll, perfect for soaking up all the juices left on the plate.

I found the American Legion Post 421 fish fry to be a blending of the first two: It allowed for more choices in your meal, while serving food prepared with more attention to detail.  For that, it becomes the new #1.


  1. American Legion Clifton Post 421
  2. St. Adalbert
  3. Donauschwaben

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