Fish Fryday #2: St. Adalbert

For our second fish fry, we went to St. Adalbert Church in Berea.

A $10 ticket bought an all you can eat dinner, served buffet style.

Arriving around 7 p.m., the line stretched around the church’s banquet hall.  Through the work of the volunteers, many of whom were teens, the line moved well, and we were eating within ten minutes.

Food choices included rigatoni, mac and cheese, three different pierogis, coleslaw, rolls, cabbage and noodles, and fried cod.  Each diner also received a piece of date nut cake from local favorite, Dick’s Bakery.

I liked the cod.  The breading added both texture and flavor.  Packets of tartar sauce were provided, but I didn’t think the fish needed it.

Also very tasty was the cabbage and noodles, buttery with a touch of sweetness.

The rest of the sides I had weren’t bad, but they were store bought versions.  At least the mac and cheese was the thicker, creamier kind, not Kraft.

For an unpretentious dinner, St. Adalbert’s fish fry is a good choice.

Compared to Donauschwaben, the food wasn’t quite at the same level.  I liked St. Adalbert’s fish better, but the sides weren’t as good.  On the other hand, that they offered a wider choice of sides is a plus.

Because of this, and the all you can eat value factor, I give an edge to St. Adalbert.


  1. St. Adalbert
  2. Donauschwaben

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