Fish Fryday #1: Donauschwaben

It’s Fish Fry season!  The Plain Dealer published a handy guide to showcase the organizations holding fish fries this Lent.

My goal is to hit seven different fish fries in the seven Fridays of Lent.

First up…

Donauschwaben German American Cultural Club in Olmsted Falls.

The fish dinners cost $10 per person ($7 for kids) and included a choice of baked or fried white fish, choice of fries or baked potato, choice of coleslaw or applesauce, and dessert.  Other dinner choices, such as shrimp or potato pancakes, are also available.

For the cost you get plenty of food.  I left full, but not overstuffed.

Without much wait, our server brought our coleslaw starter.  Unlike many others, their coleslaw did not drown in sauce.  The taste of cabbage balanced well with the creaminess and a little peppery bite.

Our dinner arrived soon after.  The fish fillets were maybe a little plain.  But that’s compared to some pub fish I’ve had.  Then again, it was also better than some restaurants I’ve been to.  I really liked the tartar sauce.  Homemade I think.  A little piquant, a little sweet…nice and creamy.  Like the coleslaw, a great balance.

The fries were good.  Not soggy or too soft.  I’ve had better, I’ve had plenty worse.

The dessert made the meal for me.  Last night’s selection was cherry streusel.  The crunchy topping added to the cherry filling sweetness, but as a whole the streusel wasn’t too sweet.

Overall, Donauschwaben’s fish fry was worth my money.

Rankings:  1. Donauschwaben

Disclaimer: As I try other fish fries around, I will try to be better comparing apples to apples.  I understand club fish fries staffed by volunteers are in a different league than professional restaurants with paid chefs and budgets for ingredients.  Comparing the two is unfair to the fish fries.


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