Brewing Up a Storm

I’m a beer snob.  I won’t deny it.  Part of that is just the way I am.  Part I blame on the Winking Lizard’s World Tour of Beers (more on that some other time).

And what better place to be for beer snobs?  Sure, the whole emergence of the microbrew industry over the past 10 years has changed beer-drinking across the country for the better.  But are all cities as saturated with microbreweries as Cleveland?

There are so many choices for beer-lovers to find something unique.

There’s only one place they can make it themselves.

The Brew Kettle owns the market here…with much success.  Every time I’m in the brewery, the place is crammed full.  As of this past Monday, their brew appointments were filled until August.  I’ve heard friends as far as North Carolina say people there know about it.

Brewers at TBK seem to fall into two categories.  The first are people who just want to make something unique to drink and serve.  To others, the chance to see what goes into beer making becomes an Intro to Home Brewing course.

That’s what draws me.  Beyond the notion of drinking just for a buzz, beer is interesting stuff.  Seeing how certain ingredients make a stout rather than an IPA, and what adding more malt or hops will do to the taste.  Just like cooking.

So I’m a bit of a dork and love learning about new things.  But as the shirts of the Brew Kettle workers say: “Give a man a beer, and he drinks for a day.  But teach a man to brew, and he drinks for life.”


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