Hey, Look at Me

In the past couple of days, a certain NBA player has lost his spotlight due to the Lin-credible and Lin-spirational story of some guy from Harvard.  Not having the focus on him proved to be too tough to handle and he broke down, like a certain NBA player in the fourth quarter of an important game.

The man is an attention whore.  Of course major national news will pick up on it and discuss it to death because of the discourse (also known as ratings) the story will bring.  Unfortunately, local news is getting away with that too.  The story currently has the second most comments on Cleveland.com with 188.

If he wants to be a spoiled little child, treat him like one.  Ignore him.  Every time he makes stupid comments and Cleveland gets up in arms, he wins.  When he brings up that situation, I get the impression that he still desires our attention, he still wants and needs our attention.  Don’t give it to him.  That will be the second sweetest reward we can get – a championship will still be preferred.

We have a team that has been exciting and will get better over the coming years.  Let’s focus on that instead.  When he wants to come back to Cleveland, we will be way past him, and he will again be looking up at what he cannot get.


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