The Tipping Point

Another Super Bowl passed without the Browns and we begin the process of “maybe next year” yet again.

People are sick of playing that game.  Close to 50 years without a trophy is a long time.  Especially since the Browns have not progressed in 13 seasons.  That is most frustrating.

And then we see cities like Boston or Chicago who have a glut of championships across sports in short periods.  Sure the Red Sox were useless for 86 years, but can you feel sorry for Bostonians when they had years of dominance with the Bruins, Celtics, and Patriots.

We’ve had some good teams the past twenty years.  The Indians of the 90s and 2007.  The Cavs of the 00s. 

Then the floor dropped out.  The Indians back to the bottom of the AL Central.  The Cavs and the longest losing streak record.  The Browns replaced another coach, and another, and another…and another quarterback, and another, and another, getting no better in the process.

And that’s where we are now.  A city in perpetual rebuilding.

But at what point do we get over that hump?  What if the rebuilding pays off soon?

The Cavs have looked good this year.  Some good wins and slim losses to good teams.  Building blocks are in place, now let’s build a team.  Not just one oversized ego.

The Indians, baseball’s surprise team of 2011, remain on the young side…unless others have followed Fausto Carmona’s Roberto Heredia’s example.  The farm system is still one of the best in MLB.  In two or three years, if the owners don’t sell, the team can develop into playoff contenders.  Once in the playoffs, anything can happen. 

Finally, the Browns…oh the Browns.  As always, the wildcard of the city.  Recent years should have taught us better, but I can see them having a breakout season soon.  Back into the playoffs.  Back in a meaningful rivalry with the Steelers.  

Just imagine that.  Three Cleveland teams coming together at the same time.  Three good Cleveland teams challenging for championships. 

The Cleveland optimism remains.  One good draft, one good season, and the teams can reach the tipping point.  Get the right people in place and we can once again become contenders.

Both in sports, and as a city.


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