History Project: Chapter 1

My dad found these pictures as he was going through his desk.  They are pictures he bought at a flea market or antique shop years ago.  One is dated 1908, the other 1915.

Sharing them with my mom (a genealogy buff) and I started a mission of finding out more.

The 1908 picture is marked on the back:

  • Taken Thursday November 12th 1908
  • Orchard School
  • 10 years of age
  • Fourth Reader
  • X   Florence

The 1915 photo does not mention a school, but contains names for all the students pictured.  It notes the group as an 8th grade class.  Like the other photo, a student is marked with an arrow.

From what we have found, we think both pictures are from the old Orchard School off of W. 41st in Ohio City.  We also think the two labeled students are sisters: Florence and Edna Scholvien, who lived near the corner of Lorain and Fulton.

We don’t know much more than that right now.  There are a few leads, and a few possible links.  The 1915 picture has teacher names on it.  If we can find info about the teachers, we can verify the school.  But our internet searches are providing dwindling results.  Our next step will be local archives and historical societies.

Seeing the pictures, doing the research, I want to know more.  They give some insight, however slight it may be, into local history.  Many of the students have names with definite ethnic roots; a microcosm of Cleveland’s history.

But I am most curious about these students, their lives, where they ended up.  With a little luck, we can trace these lives, learn who they became, and share this photo with their descendants.


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