Coffee Break

I’m not a coffee connoisseur.  I can’t taste a cup and distinguish between a Kenyan bean or Columbian bean.  But I do like coffee, and coffeehouses.

With an afternoon free and sick of big-box blandness, we ventured to Rocky River.  The coffee shop caught my eye.  Erie Island Coffee Company.

As said before, I don’t compare coffee shops by their coffee.  I don’t have the palate for that.  As long as the coffee isn’t muddied dishwater, I’ll drink it.  Instead, I compare by their vibe: charm, décor, people.

The industrial interior played well with the building, a former garage of some sort.  Big windows and an open floor made the place bright in the afternoon sun.  And a big counter running along the shop front made for good people watching on Detroit Avenue.  During a busy evening, that could entertain me for hours.

Coffee was served in the plain paper cups, or in mugs which could be refilled for 50₵.  Very nice if you want to spend the day at the shop, studying or writing a paper.

Prices were very good, at least for what I got: Two cups of coffee and a big, sharable M&M cookie cost me $6.  Better than those other coffee places, if you know what I mean.

I can’t say that this has become my favorite coffee place in the area, a tough feat for any new place after one visit.  But next time I’m in Rocky River (or around E. 4th, their other location) I’ll stop again.

[A favorite touch of mine were their souvenir mugs, covered with the words, “Don’t Give Up the Ship.”  The mugs were a fun tribute to Commodore Perry and his impact on the history of Lake Erie, Ohio, and the nation.  What can I say…I’m a sucker for anything that plays on locale history.]


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