This is Halloween

For the third year, WCSB 89.3 put on their Masquerade Ball at Cleveland Public Theater.

A wide range of students, music lovers, and people just looking for a good time packed the theater while live bands rocked out.  The laid back vibe made for a great atmosphere as everybody enjoyed the night.  As my girlfriend put it, “it felt like a house party…in a really big house.”  The bar even offered a special WCSB brew schwarzbier which was quite tasty.

Midnight on stage, blasting the speakers

The costumes were awesome, some real creative picks.  Not the usual slutty cops, slutty teachers, and slutty butterflies.  Artie the strongest man in the world, several Carries, and Stu from Hangover Part 2 all showed up.

Travis Bickle, Artie, and one of the many Carries

But the best costume belonged to the horse’s head from The Godfather, blanket and all.


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